TOO's Corner

Here is my personal log where you can watch my progress with my own armies/projects, keep up with my quest to become a better player (I'm awful, really), keep up with my endeavors to grow our small group and get turn the casuals into die hards, and see some of the results from where I like to test silly lists (Orcling spam!).
Making a Tree Herder from scratch for my wife's Elf army.
Making my first display board

Coming soon

Recent Additions

Lists of Infamy

Goblins- Jeff Oneal
Herd - Tim Smith
Kingdoms of Men- Keith Randall
Romans- Shawn Williams
Goblins- Cyle Pool
Undead- Chris Murphey
Ratkin- Erich Trowbridge
​Undead/Trident Realms- KVF & Swann

Other Rules

Historical to Fantasy FAQ
TNT Manager Rules
BGM Supplement
Portal Wars Rules
Big Game Rules
Tower Scenario
Mawbeast Roundup
Mawbeast Madness
Blood on Bluegrass - Campaign
Mighty Empires -Campaign​
Souldrinker- Campaign
Campaign by Leon Chapman

Events and Competitive Play

Updated US Standings (6/19)
The Colonel's Cup- Updates