Portal Wars

Portal Wars is a modified King of the Hill game where the survivor of each game is teleported to the killing fields of another battle.  The last army standing after all others have been destroyed will be the winner.
Army Composition 1000 point army list plus The Colonel special character.  Allies and Living legends may not be used in this event. Historical Armies are allowed.

For this event you may always buy units labeled Troop regardless of unlocks.

Each game is played on a 4x4 table area.

Victory Conditions Route opponents entire army Or Have your Colonel in base contact with a portal when the opponent’s Colonel has been routed. As soon as a player has met either of these conditions they have activated the portal that will take their army to the next battlefield.  

The player will yell“Activated” and the TO will confirm.  The losing player will be out of the event, while the survivor will take the units left standing from his match (plus their Colonel) into the next turn. If one of your units is routed then it is routed for the rest of the event (other than your Colonel, which will resurrect in your next encounter if your army continues).  

The winner will go to another table (chosen randomly, dice work) and wait until the current players turn is finished before deploying. The recently victorious player will then deploy what is left of their army from the last game (now at full health) into another battle that is still going on, turning the match into a 3v3.  They may not deploy closer than 6” from any enemy force and must start with the back edge of each unit against the table edge of their choice. The new player will take the first turn when the game starts back up. There is no set amount of turns, the game will continue until there is only one army left in the event.

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