Legends and Personalities

Living Legends

The Green Lady

Celestian worshiped by the Sylvan Kin. When the Fenulian Mirror was shattered, she actually managed to prevent her being from splitting in two. She found herself unstable though, so she hunted down the nearest Wicked One she could, a goddess named Liliana and merged her being with her. This keeps her being from seperating, but it also means she has a bad case of split personality disorder. If evil is in dominance near her, she will be in her Shining One aspect. If good is dominance near her, she will be in her Wicked One aspect.  She set up the alliance against the Abyssal forces in the Edge of the Abyss.  


Flaxhoof has spent years serving the Green Lady with utter devotion.  He has galloped across Mantica spreading the word of nature and encouraging hundreds to swear allegiance to his lady.  However, his apparent death under the cruel swords and axes of orcs has led to whispers that his devotion to the Green Lady came at a price and his life now belongs to his enigmatic, yet mysterious, benefactor.

Argus Rodinar

Elemental sorcerer and guardian of the Alter of Elements. Argus is a dedicated servant of the Shining Ones and renowned among the elves of Elvenholme. His very presence is said to inspire the elves to fulfill their duty to Mantica and their fallen gods.


Hailing from the city of Therennia Aldar, known to other races simply as Walldeep, Madriga grew up hearing the legends of Mighty Valandor like any of her kind. As a small child, she had made the pilgrimage to the Spire of Ages to see the miraculously preserved remains of the legendary hero. The stories her father would tell her, as he groomed her for a life of ruling her people, instead inspired her to tread a very different path. Joining the renowned Sea Guard, Madriga quickly carved herself a fierce reputation as a warrior and a leader, but she found the constant ritual and formality of her position and her noble lineage to be overpowering and stultifying. After becoming the youngest ever to attain the rank of fleet captain, she elected to resign her commission and travel the world in search of adventure of the kind she had heard about in her youth.

The Spirit of Valandor

One of the greatest heroes ever to have walked the world, Valandor had one terrible secret which he hid from all around him. Originally a Celestian, his soul was split in twain during the God War, the good essence becoming the mighty warrior mage beloved of all who knew him, and the bad coalescing as the fearsome beast known as Ba'el. Many times they would clash over the years, until finally, Valandor was able to slay his 'brother', casting his mortal frame into the Abyss and capturing his soul in a complex ritual recorded in the Tome which carried his name.
Now, Mortibris has discovered the tome, and his meddling has released this evil beast to stalk the world of the living once again as a half-dead creature. Valandor, ascended to a higher plain after the Great Flood, has decided that he can remain above mortal affairs no longer. He has come back to the world of men one last time, to vanquish his evil twin for ever and take back the Tome before it can do any more harm. He will stop at nothing to accomplish this, even if it means his own complete destruction.

La'thael Silverheart

Something dangerous tugs at the corners of La'thael's mind.  Although she is battling against the darkness of the abyss, voices constantly whisper to her during the fight encouraging herto greater feats of violence and malice.  Dark shadows stalk around her, putting fear not only into her enemies but also those that fight with her.   She is followed by a handpicked group of forest shamblers that have become warped and twisted from her experiments with magical texts delivered to her by a stranger.  During combat they howl in strange tounges, drawing nervous glances from those around.

Herneas the Hunter

 Herneas is said to embody what it is to be a ranger: unmatched in battle and a master of stealth and ambush. Rangers tend to be distrusted by other dwarfs since they willingly explore the surface world, often alone, and do not mind associating with other races. Herneas has his own personal retinue of rangers that go into battle with him.

Garrek Heavyhand

A notable warrior of the Heavyhand Clan. He is known throughout Mantica for his brutal skill with the hammer. Five hundred years ago his forefather attempted to steal the Twenty-Seven God Boons, artifacts of the Wicked Ones seized by the dwarfs during the Winter War. He was caught, but not before he had seized these artifacts. These magic relics vanished from his grasp, set free to corrupt those who would find them in the world.
The Heavyhand Clan was thus dishonored. Garrek was born with this shame, as all in his clan are, but he sought to lift it. Leading his clan into battle, he thwarted both undead and orc forces who sought to crush the Golloch Empire. Naturally this has not impressed the stubborn dwarfs, so his family continues to live in shame. He has also sought out the missing artifacts, wielding two in battle himself: the Warp Hammer and the Cloak of Miph. He has recovered 15 others, but still 10 remain missing.

Sveri Egilax

The slayer berserker king of Cwl Gen in the Halpi Mountains between Tragar and Abercarr. His small kingdom is an ally of the Golloch Empire, he despises the Abyss and his Abyssal Dwarf cousins. Rides into battle atop his badger mount Helbrokk


Rordin has been living amongst the humans of the City of the Golden Horn for so long now that he has – somewhat to the annoyance of his king – started to pick up many of their customs and manners. As the nephew of Golloch himself, Rordin was always somewhat of a black sheep within the noble family, and some mutter that his diplomatic posting to the Basilean capital was more of an exile, in order that he could not cause further shame to the family. Where most dwarfs are dour and insular individuals, Rordin is positively cheerful and fond of socialising (so long as there is strong ale involved). For all his faults, he is a fearsome and capable warrior, and much as Golloch despairs of his foolish ways, he respects his abilities. As a well-known figure in the city, as well as a member of the noble lineage, Rordin makes an ideal choice to send down into Dolgarth at the head of the party.

Barick Kholearm

Despite being a former ranger Barick has abandoned his previous weapons in favour of the powerful drill he has been forced to use in the mines.  In the war against the Abyss, Banick is determined to find solace for the Rangers who fell under his command, and hopefully find forgiveness from his fellow dwarves too.  He is  always seen accompanied by Craggoth, a earth elemental and Banick's former mining partner.  


The Order of the Ardent Light is not unique in claiming some direct connection to Valandor the Great – every magical order in Basilea does the same. Where the Order of the Ardent Light differs is in only accepting candidates who can claim actual blood lineage to those who fought and learned alongside the legendary hero. Danor hails from such a family. What makes him unique is that the family itself has never broadcast the fact – Danor’s link was discovered purely by accident, and the family resisted his becoming an apprentice for a long time, though why they would do so was never clear. Danor is a naturally gifted – if somewhat reluctant – student of the magical arts, and has consistently impressed his tutors from the beginning with his ability, if not his enthusiasm. 

Orlaf the barbarian

Like many of his people, Orlaf makes a living as a sellsword, hiring his skills out to the highest bidder. Tremendously strong and skilled with blade and fists, Orlaf is also remarkably far-sighted for one of his kind and profession. Travelling to the City of the Golden Horn, he has established himself as the go-to professional for wealthy men who lack the physical wherewithal to solve their problems. Orlaf found city life very much agreed with him, though he still hungers for the chance at a truly enormous score.

Gnaeus Sallustis

​​Grand Master of the Basilean Paladins. It is said he has never lost a battle, although if this is true or just propaganda is unknown. He is feared by orcs and Abyssal Dwarfs for his martial prowess, so there might be something to these stories. In battle he rides atop a large lion named Nakir.


Julius, Dragon of Heaven

During the God War, Fotia, a Celestian was split into two as the result of a battle with the wicked Prykagia. By a great miracle, the two halves of the Celestian did not die. Instead, one half, representing the regenerating, cauterising, vengeful and warlike nature of fire, became the Ur-Elohi Jullius, the Dragon of Heaven, whilst the other half, the nurturing, renewing, cleansing nature of fire, returned as the Ur-Elohi Samacris, the Mother of Phoenixes.
Weaker individually, they are actually more powerful united, and their story is told as a parable of the passion and indestructibility of love, and of strength in unity, giving rise to sayings such as “You can’t cut fire with a sword”, meaning that two lovers are inseparable.


Once a paladin captain with a legendary status among his fellow soldiers Domitius tried to leave the horrors of war behind in favour of a life of religious peace.  But with the abyss stretching it's way towards the Hegemony of Basilea he must return to the battlefield once more.  He leads an elite unit of paladins known as the Forlorn Guard into battle.


Unlike many that delve into the forbidden magic of necromancy, Jarvis is determined to ensure it doesn’t corrupt his spirit. In the war against the Abyss, he only resurrects those brave souls willing to fight for Good and leads his shambling hordes with a mix of pride and revulsion. But always there is that tug to darkness and Jarvis just has to ensure the battle against the forces of darkness is not also a war for his soul.


Plucked from a seemingly simple life of hunting in the jungles surrounding The Three Kings, Artakl is thrust into the harsh world of Mantica to fight alongside her fellow Salamanders. However, her ability to blend into the shadows of the battlefield makes her a deadly assassin who can appear from nowhere and silence her foe with the slash of her blade.


A famous Salamander corsair. She is known for her exploits at sea and daring maritime raids. Her legend stretches back longer then it should however, prompting many to wonder if Firebrand is a name or an alias for whomever leads her crew at a given time. It is not uncommon for her to engage in a daring attack and then disappear for years on end, only to suddenly reappear in a spectacularly explosive manner.


Eckter has spent time both on land and in the watery kingdoms of the Trident Realm. For a time he fought alongside the Forces of Nature against the abominable orcs that stalked the land. Before returning to the sea, he promised that if the Green Lady should ever need his services again, he would gladly provide his spear. In the years that passed, he hoped and prayed that she would never call upon him but with the Abyss threatening to overwhelm the land, it’s time for Eckter to 


A princess of the Sylph. A gifted air shaper, she is often accompanied into battle with her dog Tiffee. Recently she began adventuring with the druid Keris. Over the objections of both the Druid Order and the Sylphs, the two began a romantic relationship. Currently they have been stationed in the Whychwell Forest where they often stop both undead and Northern Kindred incursions.


A young, but skilled druid initiate who serves the Druid Order. He wields the Solar Staff, an artifact that can blind his enemies. He is often accompanied into battle by his dog Ozzee. Recently he began adventuring with the Sylph princess Shaarylot. Over the objections of both the Druid Order and the Sylphs, the two began a romantic relationship. Currently they have been stationed in the Whychwell Forest where they often stop both undead and Northern Kindred incursions.


The leader of the Granite Fists is the renowned Mercenary Captain Grokagamok, a veteran warrior of whom it is said has more scar tissue than skin, so many battles has he fought over his long years of his service. Grokagamok is both a potent warrior and a highly able commander of his fellow Ogre Mercenaries, a rare combination and one that when complemented by his shrewd business acumen is responsible for his quite staggering rise to fame and fortun


Nomargarok has fought alongside Grokagamok since they were younglings and has become the captain's most trusted advisor.  His ability to master the magical currents has also helped to open his mind to more tactical plans and schemes than his ally, who typically handles negotiations with axe in hand.


Mortibras originally hailed from the Golden Horn and studied at the Order of the Ardent Light. As he studied a voice was constantly calling to him, and at some point he began exploring necromancy. This voice eventually led him to leave Basilea in search of the body of Valandor. This led him to Therennia Adar where he discovered the body lying in repose there was a fake. Instead the body was hidden in Dolgarth, prompting the titular Dwarf King's Quest.
The efforts of the heroes in stopping Mortibras were only partially successful however. They stopped him from recovering Valandor's body, but he had seized the Tome of Valandor, allowing him to free the "voice" he had always heard, now revealed to be the imprisoned Ba'el. The heroes pursued him deeper into the ruins, but both he and Ba'el escaped the ruins and laid siege to Basilea in the Destiny of Kings.

Lady Illona

The Bloody Countess of Mount Ungar.  She was a noble woman of one of the Successor Kingdoms known for being capricious, cruel, and vain in life. In undeath these traits got magnified. After becoming a vampire she slaughtered all of her kinsmen so that she had sole claim to the throne. Once solely in power, she had a great silver sword crafted that she wields in battle. Her goal now is the extinction of not only the living, but of every other vampire as well so as to leave her as the sole vampire in the world.


Mhorgoth the Faceless led a massive undead horde against Mantica in his quest to seize the Glade of Ways held by the Twilight Kindred. Coming from east of Tragar, he invaded through the Free Dwarf Lands, slaying Thorrick Rockfist at the Battle of Ironhold Bridge before trying to cut through the Golden Horn of Basilea. He was driven back here, but is said to be plotting a return invasion.
Mhorgoth was originally a human born after the Winter War. Skilled in the magical arts, the Northern Kindred took him in to teach him the magical arts. He studied in Elvenholme for years, but it was discovered that he had secretly been practicing necromancy. Before he could be captured, he fled south. Hunted down, the elves cast a spell called the "Eternal Flames" upon him, burning the flesh from his bones. This didn't kill him though, prompting him to unleash a spell that killed everything within a mile of him. He vanished from history as this point, only to return two hundred years later in his invasion of the Free Dwarf Lands.


Arkhanten was a sea captain who was trapped in the storm of sands when the vengeful Ophidians wiped out the Ahumanite society.  With the powers of the abyss surging throughout Mantica during the Edge of the Abyss event the cursed sea farers have finally found the strength to climb from the sands and rebuild their ships to spread the curse of the Empire of Dust across the Infant Sea, with Arkhanten at the lead.


Bearer of the rune covered standard for Gakamak the Smasher.  His loyalty to his commander and fearlessness in battle inspires all Orcs in his vicinity and the magic inscribed in the flag fills them with a great fury and bloodlust.  Grumtongue believes that the world has entered a new age that will be ruled by Orcs, and he is determined to be at the front lines of every great conquest in this era,

Gakamak the Smasher

An infamous orc warlord known throughout northern Mantica. He is said to have faced elven drakon knights in battle numerous times, as well as battling the Abyssal demon known as the Lord of Midnight and surviving.

Wip the Half-Cast

Wip the Half-Cast is a harebrained orc godspeaker who has a strange commanding presence about him to younger orcs. Though smaller and weaker than most orcs, Wip found he had a solid command over magic and was much more agile then the average orc, leading to rumors he might not actually be an orc at all. Everywhere he goes he is accompanied by his "affectionate playmates and adorers," orclings.

Grogger Split-Tooth

Grogger consumed a special potion created by one of his wiz that his followers claim gave him the ability to cheat death.  He is particularly cunning, even for a goblin, and has whipped his Goblins into action over a vision of the future he recieved where he sees himself crowned a King.  He has seen the abyss surging, and seen visions of every nation at war, he knows this is the prime time for the Goblins to slip in and take advantage of the situation.

Magwa and Jo'os

Magwa was a humble Mawbeast Handler that one day found a magical herding stick.  The stick gave him greater control over Mawbeasts, and allowed him to tame the infamous Jo'os, the largest Mawbeast known to Mantica.  The duo now has a following of other mawbeasts and herders, each waiting for the eventual day that Jo'os devours Magwa and they can take his place and his glory.

Herja of the Fallen

Herja was the queen of the Var'Kyr, the original worshipers of Korgaan long dead by the time the Varangur began worshiping him. Beckoned by their god, the Sons of Korgaan dug her remains up. During their invasion of the Abyss, the Varangur captured Sor'ik'su, the bride of Ba'su'su and queen of the gargoyles, and brought her back to their lands with them.
It took years to break her will, but once they did the Magus Conclave performed a dark ritual to merge her body and soul with that of Herja. This fusion created a demonic valkyrie possessing the powers and memories of both individuals. Essentially this makes her Mantic's version of Valkia the Bloody.


Since leaving her clan, Magnilde has roamed the lands surrounding the Abyss, determined to prove loyalty to Korgaan by bathing herself in the demonic blood of her foes. With each sacrifice she feels herself becoming closer to the ancient god and one day she will return to her clan, ready to lead the Varangur to war against the Abyss… or anyone else that stands in her way.


Lord of the Gargoyles, Ba'su'su is said to be a half breed, although what non-demon lineage he holds has not been said. He has risen to dominate many of the Gargoyle flocks of the first circle, but the nature of his birth prevents him from ever becoming an Abyssal Champion. Tormented by this fact, Ba'su'su continues to strive to prove his worth to his demonic masters in the vain hope of reprieve from his fate.

Lord of Lies

A powerful Archfiend who has been summoned into Mantica on occasion. Rumors swirl that this creature is not an avatar of Oskan himself, a means by which the will of the Wicked One lives on to threaten Mantica. A master of subtle manipulation, his voice can whisper into the hearts of mortals and set brother against brother. Not be all charisma and no strength or intelligence, the Lord of Lies is also a master sorcerer and brutal in close combat.


Ba'el, Bane of the Mortal Realms, Bringer of Woe, and Eater of Realms, is an Abyssal Champion who has many titles to stroke his ego. Ba'el first appeared during the God War as one of Oskan's lieutenants. He survived the war, but was a frequent nemesis to the Successor Kingdoms and elven kindred. During the Winter War he fought alongside the forces of Winter. In Dolgath he faced Valandor the Great, but was defeated by him there. Too weakened to finish the demon off, Valandor sealed him inside the ruined dwarven hold.
Centuries later Mortibras would be drawn to Dolgath by a mysterious voice. This was revealed to be Ba'el, who had become a shambling undead demon as his body decayed in the ruins, and was freed by the necromancer. Ba'el initially faced the adventurers in the hold pursuing Mortibras, but departed after merely testing their skill to raise an army of demons and undead to raze Basilea to the ground.


Mau’ti-bu-su revels in the torture and destruction of her victims. She will often stay on the battlefield long after the fighting is finished to find those unfortunate souls who are clinging onto the last gasps of life. However, rather than speeding up their demise, she takes great pleasure in prolonging their agony before sending them 

Dravak Dalken

Betrayed by one of his slaves during an experiment, this abyssal dwarf had his conscience split between himself and a Golem that he had been preparing for war.  This happy accident has made Dravak very dangerous on the battlefield, as he uses his vile sorcery he can also control every action by his hulking alter ego Infernox.

Brakki Barka

An Abyssal Halfbreed, a centaur like creature that has the upper torso of a dwarf seemingly fused with the body of a horse. Lord of the Legion of Bardoom, Brakki is known for his prowess in battle and is one of the few individuals truly respected by the Abyssal Dwarfs and their allies.

Other Personalities

Lord Malak

Vampire Castellan of Dol Eragos.  Has ruled over the Shadowlands for over four centuries from his dark fortress deep in the Knifepeak Mountains in the young kingdoms. Never bested in combat, said to befaster than an elf and stronger than ten men, he will seek out leaders of opposing armies to challenge them in single combat.  It is said that he will only feed on noble blood.

Leo and the Iron Goblin

Once a laborer in the Slave Pits of Abyssal Dwarfs Leo is considered one of the smartest Goblins alive.  Upon his escape Leo claims to have come across a city of Goblin inventors with giant bronze walls, he says while there they taught him their ways and lended their materials.  Whatever the truth Leo came out of the swamps with a giant walking steel monstrosity, loving called the Iron Goblin, with a mission to punish anyone who has ever looked down on Goblin kind.

Overking Zerkziz

King of Zarak, a position he holds through cruelty, sorcery, and force of arms. He lusts for the resources of the Golloch Empire and often approves of raids into the south. Currently he assaults the Free Dwarf Lands, seeking to conquer the outlying territories of his southern cousins before assaulting the Empire proper.

Elthenar Bladedancer

King of the Eastern Kindred. Known for being haughty, arrogant, proud, and merciless, but fair, Elthenar is the youngest elf to ever rule the Eastern Kindred. As a child he was said to be happy and carefree, but one brutal night he witnessed his entire family be murdered at the hands of unknown assailants. Since that day he has lived only for bloody battle, donning the Helm of Dawn and wielding the bloodstained runesword Deathbringer, the elders of the other kindred both fear and respect him for his merciless skill in battle.


​​Elven King of Therennia Adar and leader of the Sea Kindred.


Considered by many as the Noblest of Dwarfs that has ever defended the realm.  Warden of the Southern Watch which defends the Golloch empire from the deniziens of the great desert. It is Kernow's sacred duty to bear the sacred Banner of Vigilance and to guard it with his life against any and all foes.

El'Rik Nisleen

His mother was a Mage from Ileuthar and his father a blade dancer of the Fey from the forsts of Galahir.  He was raised in Tor Alandar, a watchtower guarding the southern reaches of Alandar, after his parents were killed by an Undead incursion.   As he matured he somehow blended the two proficiencies of his parents into a magical war-dance he is famous for in the elven kingdoms, where he remains a loyal subject of the mage queen.


Current Hegemon of Basilea. Thus far he has been portrayed as a competent leader. He dispatched Orlaf and Danor to accompany Madriga and Rordin in pursuing Mortibris into the ruins of Diffeth east of the city. Ballazar correctly suspected that Mortibris would assault Basilea if he acquired the Tome of Valandor in Destiny of Kings.

Golloch the Conquerer

King of the Golloch Empire. He is the son of King Grund, whom Mortibris raised as a dwarven revenant. Currently he is claiming the territories of Basilea as his own, although he has yet to marshal any significant military forces to enforce this claim.

J’Zik Gearlund

The son of a minor noble whose family was wiped out by the demonic forces of the Abyss. He fled south to Abercarr, joining with the major dwarf empire there.

Thrundak Skullsplitter

Thrundak Skullsplitter is an orc barbarian who leads a large war band composed of orcs, goblins, and trolls. He has raided the Forest of Galahir periodically for years.


The High Priest of Basilea.  Wherever he treads on the field of battle the sky is said to be filled with Elohi, a sight that bolsters the hearts of their men.  Sometimes he rides upon an altar called the Throne of Ages where he preaches the glory of the Shining Ones, abjures the Bitter Ones, and calls down the powers of heaven. He is one of few mortals alive that can speak the language of the Elohi.ee


The women of the sisterhood serve the gods in many different ways. Some take up arms and become fierce warriors of the church. Others take the path of healers, using their skills to save the lives of others. A very few choose the path of divine magic, suffused with the power of their own devotion and able to channel that power into physical acts of what the less enlightened might simply mistake as magic. Venetia has ever been a devout individual, sent to the nunnery at an early age when her parents grew tired of her inordinate piety and tendency to judge all around her. Life in the sisterhood unlocked her true potential. Growing up with seven brothers gave her early lessons in fighting, and she has also become an accomplished warrior. As a martial cleric of the sisterhood, Venetia travels far and wide, delivering the good word and recovering artefacts and wealth for the church at every opportunity.


One of the most legendary Knights of the Basilean Warrior order known as the Paladins, Ibrahim often finds himself called upon to represent his brothers-in-arms in individual tasks, be they simple trials of combat, special undertakings for the Hegemon himself or anything else requiring his own unique skills. Fearsomely broad, Ibrahim’s distinctive feature is his total absence of scars. Usually a cause of mockery for those in the ranks of the Paladins, in Ibrahim it is simply a demonstration of his superlative skill with any edged weapon. A quest to slay a mighty dragon is exactly the sort of thing that Ibrahim would be expected to undertake.


Naiads are generally peaceful and introverted creatures, living fairly introverted lives in their home glades and pools, communing with the other creatures of the waters, and rarely straying from them. However, it is well known that they can be fearsome warriors, armed with tridents and other exotic weapons. While they are stronger when in water, they are by no means weak outside of it, especially when their ire is roused. In the case of Arianya, this was caused by the sacking of her home glade by demons of the Abyss. The only survivor, she has made it her personal mission ever since to seek out the specific creatures responsible and slay every last one. Any party looking to fulfil a quest with even a hint of demonic activity can almost guarantee on acquiring her services.


Keldan was exiled from his homeland many years ago for a crime of which he will not speak – those who have asked have been ‘persuaded’ to wind in their curiosity, one way or another. Having spent many years in the lands of Basilea as a mercenary for hire, he has acquired a tanned, swarthy complexion and his hair has bleached a lighter shade of blonde. He is as arrogant as any of his kind, and a difficult individual to truly like, but his ability with his twinned blades means that his services are always in demand.

Helkun Da'rresh

The Shadows are a dark legend amongst the mortal races of Mantica, a half-believed myth of deadly killers who strike from the shadows using poison and blade before slipping away.Few outside their secretive order know anything of substance about them.It is whispered that Helkan was one of their finest practitioners, though like most things about him, the truth of this is unclear.That he is a cold-blooded and efficient killer however, is beyond question.


The wizards of the Golden Horn view Ravenna with suspicion, dismissing her magic as mere parlour tricks and trickery.Certainly, she has a penchant for the theatrical, but this powerful Druid should not be underestimated.Said to have been sent forth by the Green Lady herself to fulfil some obscure quest, Ravenna is single-minded and tough, and those who have hired her swear by her abilities.


Hordin used to be an adventurer, he has immense knowledge of the Dwarfen tunnels and always has a keg of his famous Goldstone special ale, which is said to imbue special magical effects. Hordin is always accompanied by the Dwarf Mastiff Gnasher.


Gunn had far too much of a thirst for excitement for the liking of his fellow engineers, finding himself expelled from their ranks after an attempt to ‘improve’ a Steel Behemoth.Now he roams the world as an adventurer, hiring himself out to those in need of his particular skills with the mechanical.


What he lacks in stature, Logan more than makes up for in aggression. His diminutive size meant that from an early age, he learned how to fight. Whether it was for attention in a crowded family, respect from his peers, or his life as he got older, Logan found that fighting was something that he did very well. With no traditional careers open to a Halfling, and no real desire to go into the circus, Logan resolved to become a professional adventurer. Though he is often still ridiculed for his appearance, he is proud to say that nobody makes that mistake twice.

Ally McSween

Abandoned to the streets at a very young age, Ally grew up amongst what polite society might term ‘the wrong crowd’. The bullying of the tiny orphan quickly stopped when that crowd realised the inherent usefulness of someone less than half the size of the average man with tiny hands who was incredibly light on their feet. Ally went on to become one of the best thieves that the city had ever seen, and as her reputation grew, so did her taste for the high life. Ally’s hunger for finer things has driven her to become a professional thief, offering her skills to the highest bidder. Whether they want money stolen from an orphanage or treasure recovered from an abandoned Dwarf hold is all the same to Ally – as long as they have coin to spend, the motives of her would-be employers and the nature of the work is irrelevant to her.

Hrrath Firespitter

Salamanders are hot-blooded creatures in the most literal sense, their very bodies emitting scalding vapours and their weapons channelling fiery energies with which to smite their foes. Hrrath is no exception, having a fiery temperament to match his given name. His brood slaughtered in a great battle, Hrrath was captured and used as a gladiatorial slave for the entertainment of a cruel master for many years. Winning his freedom, he found that he could not return to his home and so made a life doing the only thing he knows how to do – fight. As a mercenary, he is a tricky proposition – undeniably effective as a fighter but prone to lose his temper with often unpredictable results. It is a testament to the former that so many choose to risk the latter.


Gladewalkers are a long-lived and introvert race. They have cared for the forests of the world since time immemorial, and it is rare indeed to see them outside of their wooded realm. Kapoka is one of these few exceptions, his home having been brutally vandalised by Thrundak’s hordes as they passed through it. Furious, Kapoka took leave of his Glade, swearing an oath of vengeance on those who had despoiled it and determining never to rest until he had seen them all brought to justice. It has become apparent to Kapoka that this would not be a task he could accomplish on his own, and he has taken to throwing in his lot with other Heroes set on the trail of Thrundak and his horde, taking any opportunity to strike a blow against them. His natural magical talents rival those of any human druid, and he is able to heal his allies and visit magical destruction on his foes with equal ease.


Vicious and cruel before he became a Vampire, the former count of Stryania is now a bloodthirsty monster who revels in slaughter. Having murdered his own people, he now stalks the world, ever in search of a way to slake his unnatural thirst.He takes payment in blood, and is not especially fussy as to whose.


Drech’nok was a promising warrior of the Abyss, imprisoned by Valandor himself in one of the massive battles before the Great Flood. His tomb held him for many thousands of years until it was accidentally discovered by a Dwarf mining expedition digging for a new mineral seam. Drech’Nok slaughtered the Dwarfs and escaped back into the world to wreak havoc anew. His years of imprisonment have driven him into a state of permanent, blinding rage, and he is one of the deadliest foes encountered in all the lands.


Hoggar is Moritbris’ personal guard, used by the Necromancer to go into places he dare not risk himself. Through some forbidden arcane process, Moritbris inserted a shard of his own consciousness into the undead mind of the beast, allowing him to send his mind into dangerous places without putting his own person in danger. The creature is able to perform rudimentary magic through the link, and retains a very crude level of its own awareness, which is consumed by rage at its eternal tormentor.


Ghenna is lord among Iron-casters, a reaper of souls whose form is swathed in swirling darkness. He can summon cinders to rain from even the clearest of skies, and turn an enemy’s blood to molten rock with but a word.


King of the Ice Kindred of Elves, he is the only one who can open the frozen gate which bars the bridge into the Bitter Lands where his hostile and mysterious Kin hide away from the rest of Mantica.

 Talannar Icekin

Though not a proper Kindred, a small contingent of elves have set up in the Winterlands under the rule of Prince Talannar Icekin, the exiled son of King Tyris. His frozen city of Chill has gathered all sorts of distasteful races to it, though what Icekin plans remains unknown.


Mage-Queen of the elven Kins who resides in Elvenhome.  Though recognized by most elves as the Queen she is in reality mostly a figurehead.  The Sea and Dragon Kindreads are the only Kin the Queen can count on in times of need for her Northern Kindred.


The Lord of Nightmares, Twilight Kin.  Famous for many atrocities performed not for any strategic vision but simply to prove that he can. He delights in the breaching of ordinances and the contravention of cherished codes of conduct.  Some say the very law is sufficiant enough to draw Mikayel to challenge it.  He bears the Sword of Umbra which is said to wither the soul to ashes every time it takes a life, making it especially potent against the Elohi. And also the shield of Djet which projects such vileness that it can make the most pure hearted warriors turn and flee.

Atlak Nahn

Atlak Nahk appears as a lithe and athletic Twilight Kin warrior, albeit one clad in armour so completely encompassing that no flesh is visible. This fact has given rise to the claim that there is nothing but shadow within the armour, a belief given substance by the baleful violet light that flickers from the eye-holes of Nahk’s helm.  He carries a two-handed, halberd-like weapon into battle with venoms that coat its blade, a poisonous substance drawn from the mandibles of the Black Reaper.
He has the ability to climb sheer surfaces and leap across vast gulfs without breaking stride, giving him the moniker of The Web-Walker.

Legends of the Past

Calisor Fenulian

The source of all trouble in the world. His quest to woo the human woman Elinathora led to him creating the Fenulian Mirror with the aid of Oskan. This mirror showed Elinathora a bright and happy future married to Calisor, but then a dark decline into madness for her husband after her death. She cast the mirror to ground, shattering the glass and reality along with it. Nothing much has been said yet about what happened to either of them after that.

Kthorlaq the Deliverer

​​Hailed as greatest of the Reptilians and savior of her people. She has become something of a god to her people, particularly those dwelling in the Abkazis Mountains.  Sacrificed her life to power a spell that protected the decimated Salamander people from the powers of Winter after she led them to their new home at the 3 Kings.

Alobart Rhor

Chaplain of the Church of the Children of the Fall. He organized the city-states into a military confederation to battle the orcs invading the Ardovikian Plain before dying at the Battle of Halman's Farm. The League is named for him, although he died days after learning it had become a permanent form of governance. He is remembered as a hero throughout the League in the present time of the setting.

Bharzak the Grim

Creator of the Ratkin. Seeking to find a more suitable slave race organized work force to abuse increase productivity, Bharzak locked himself away for thirteen years to create his own race of humanoid rats. His new creation was really productive, which was good for a time, but then went bad when they revolted and killed him.


The first Hegemon of Basilea. After the destruction wrought by the end of the Winter War, the Golden Horn found itself on the verge of extinction at the hands of the orcs. When all seemed lost and the city was about to fall, Bosilean offered the eternal fealty of his people to the remaining Shining Ones if they would grant their aid. As if in answer to his prayer, the spirit of Domivar appeared to him and asked him to repeat his vow.
Bosilean quickly repeated his vow. Suddenly the battlefield filled with angelic warriors, the Elohi. These warriors helped push the orcs back. When the battle ended, Bolisean declared that the Golden Horn would be the capital of the true successor nation to Primovanotr, dubbing it Basilea. He was declared first Hegemon of this new nation, which serves the remaining Shining Ones to the present.

Oredorus The Pure

A priest who was favoured by the Shining Ones that dedicated his life to the arts of warfare to smite enemies of the light.  Founded the first order of Paladins in Basilea 300 years past.  Many chapters of Knights to this day are known as Oredorians.


King of Spartha in historic times, led the united city states of the Basilean penninsula when Gorthion marched in on a mission to take the lands under the banner of Primovantor.  After talking with Gorthion and sharing a common vision he made the decision for Basilea to become a part of the nation of Men.


Rule Primovantor in ancient times.  Became enamored with a vision of all the kingdoms of humans being united under the banner of Primovantor and practiced war where need to be to accomplish the vision.  After bringing in what is today known as Basilea he turned Primovantor into the most powerful kingdom in Mantica for many years, until the great floods.  He is remembered fondly by Basilea today, where they still attempt to restore his vision of a united human Kinddom.

Thorrick Rockfist

Thorrick was the leader of the Free Dwarf Lands.. For two hundred years his people were under siege by the necromancer Mhorgoth the Faceless. At the Battle of Ironhold Bridge he faced Mhorgoth himself in personal combat. Thorrick put up a brave fight, but was eventually disarmed by the necromancer. With a laugh on his lips, Mhorgoth cast a spell hurling Thorrick from the bridge and into the lava flow below. With his death, the Dwarf Free Lands were forced to align themselves with the Golloch Empire.

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