Big Game Rules

This massive game was designed as a 5 on 5 event where each player controlled a 2000pt army plus the Colonel special character, but can be easily adapted to any group size (for 3v3 or less half all of the objectives in the scenario).

Play on 4 connected tables 3 base tokens for team to be placed in the deployment zone, 3 inches from the table edge, at the very middle and then 6 ft from the table sides. In the middle of each 6x4ft section of the field will be placed a small landmark/fort Each player will place 1 objective marker within the middle 12in of the field, and not within 12in of another token or the fort/landmark.

Deployment:  1 General from each side rolls off for sides and to choose what side deploys first. Each general on the team that deploys first will deploy half (rounding up) of the number of drops on their list all at the same time, and after the next team will then do the same.  Repeat this for one more turn of deployment.

Points per round:
Objective tokens: 1vp The unit must be physically touching the token for this event, In the case of contested no points will be awarded for the turn.
Enemy Colonels: 2VP for each Colonel routed Fortifications/landmarks: 3vp per turn for any unit within 3in Base Tokens: 6vp for any player within 3in of opponents base token.  The teams own base tokens do not count for them.

Individual Scoring Score sheets at bottom.  For the individual score sheets of this event players will treat turns as they do games at other events. At the end of each turn the players will record on their personal score sheet their attrition and victory points for that turn.  At the end of the game they will total their points and add bonuses for team victory to get their final individual score for the event. Awards for the event will be based off these scores.

Team Victory At the end of the game each team will add up how many points from Objective tokens, Fortifications, and Enemy Base tokens they Control (based on unit strength). Add the total attrition of both sides (from the individual scoring sheets) and consult the table for additional points. The winning team’s players will receive a bonus 5 pts to their individual final score.

Attrition Modifiers
7000+         +5 / -5
5500-6999  +4 / -4
4000-5499  +3 / -3
2500-3999  +2 / -2
1000-2499  +1 / -1
0-999            0 / 0

Winning Team
Legendary General- Best Overall
Bloodiest- Most Attrition Points
Tower lord- Most Objective points
Weakest- Last Place

Team-_____________________________________________________________ Victory Points
Points from Tokens (1VP for each held uncontested)    ______
Points from Towers (3 VP, based on US) ______
Points from enemy Colonels (2 VP) ______
Points from Enemy Bases (6 VP) ______

Total Victory Points

Attrition Points ______
Attrition Bonus ______

Final Score            |_____|

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