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Lists of Infamy

Alex Chaves- Dwarfs
Chris Fisher- Basilea
Dwarfs- Jeff Traish
LoR w/ Abyssals- Tom Robinson
Empire of Dust- Dustin Howard
Salamanders- Jeff Daniels
Goblins- Jeff Oneal

The Army Showcase

Robby King- Goblins
Austin Carrigan- Nightstalkers


EoA results added to Regions

Events and Competitive Play

Updated US Standings (3/26/18)
The Colonel's Cup- Updates


Battle Reports- War Kings of Cape Cod

Universal Battle

Universal Battle is an amazing site for the player who lives in the middle of nowhere or has strange sleeping patterns.  It is a virtual tabletop with models, rulers, dice, and all the other fancy things you're used to playing with in real life.  You still have to have the rules and your army lists of course but this site has been a godsend for the player who lives in gaming deadzones.  We recommend to buy a membership (we promise, it's very affordable!) so that you can save custom armies.  After you get your membership add yourself to the Facebook group Kings of War Universal Battle and then hop back on this page to download premade armies you can use to represent all the forces of Mantica, tokens and wound counters, and maps to play on!
KoW Universal Battles - The Facebook group, introduce yourself for games or help with Universal Battle!
KoW Universal Battle Players thread on Mantic Forums

Army Codes

Ready made models for you UB Kings of War army!  Keep in mind you will need a membership (did we mention how cheap it is?) to be able to upload these army codes.  Select "Edit Custom Army" then "Add New Army", at this screen you will be looking for the little green box with an arrow that says "Load Army Code".  Save the army then get to gaming!
These codes contain basic 1 model representations of KoW Units:
Forces of Basilea

In the files section of Kings of War Universal Battles you will find codes for all armies in multibased format by Sam Sowden Garcia.
Map Pack - Based on Epic Dwarf 's maps and edited for Universal Battle by Swordmaster