The Pathfinder Registry

Pathfinders are Mantic's ambassadors of the hobby. They run demo events at games stores, shows and conventions. They also run all kinds of events and share in their joy of Mantic Games at gaming clubs, through online communities, running events, or anything else that catches their imagination. Pathfinders are outgoing, passionate hobbyists, building excitement in others and showing how much fun our games are, and enthusing about our great range of miniatures.
Below is a list of Pathfinders, along with their residence, if you are in need of someone to introduce your club to Kings of War  get in touch with one of these great teachers of the game!
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Jesse Cornwell
Charleston WV
Facebook- Jesse Cornwell
Mike Carter
Dayton, OH

Bryan Tucker
Peachtree City, GA
Rob "Briohmar" Allen
Fairbanks, Alaska
​Universal Battle

Recent Additions

Lists of Infamy

Alex Chaves- Dwarfs
Chris Fisher- Basilea
Dwarfs- Jeff Traish
LoR w/ Abyssals- Tom Robinson
Empire of Dust- Dustin Howard
Salamanders- Jeff Daniels
Goblins- Jeff Oneal

The Army Showcase

Robby King- Goblins
Austin Carrigan- Nightstalkers


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Events and Competitive Play

Updated US Standings (3/26/18)
The Colonel's Cup- Updates


Battle Reports- War Kings of Cape Cod