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Lists of Infamy

Alex Chaves- Dwarfs
Chris Fisher- Basilea
Dwarfs- Jeff Traish
LoR w/ Abyssals- Tom Robinson
Empire of Dust- Dustin Howard
Salamanders- Jeff Daniels
Goblins- Jeff Oneal

The Army Showcase

Robby King- Goblins
Austin Carrigan- Nightstalkers


EoA results added to Regions

Events and Competitive Play

Updated US Standings (3/26/18)
The Colonel's Cup- Updates


Battle Reports- War Kings of Cape Cod

Basing and Terrain

In Kings of War you are allowed to multi base your units (put the models on one big base instead of their individual bases).  In addition to the MMC (minimum model count) this all allows for great scenic displays, and this is the page that will point you towards all the information you seek on making your awesome multibased units!  Many of these hobbyist can also show you how to make terrain for your gaming tables for cheap! 

TheTerrainTutor's Terrainiacs - FB group

Luke's APS Channel

Lukes APS, Hangout and Hobby Discussion - FB Group

Philip Stephens

The Terrain Tutor


Scenic Basing Tutorial - By Nick Williams
Oasis Rising Youtube Channel
Underwater Bases - By Florian Manthey (a few comments down)
LED Bases - By Levesh
LED Tutorial - By Crits Kill People
Tutorials of Tomorrow
Broken Paintbrush
Secret Weapons Tutorials
Vince Ventrulla- Hobby Cheating
Element Games Tutorials
Twisted Brushes
Chest of Colors
Figure Mentors

Odin's Vault is a hobby supplies one stop shop.  Paints, Air Brushing, sculpting and much more!

Bases, Trays, and accessories

Ironheart Artisans
Broken Egg Games
Shogun Miniatures
Sword and Board Studios
Secret Weapons 

Battle Mats

Pre- built Terrain

Cigar Box Battles
Mats by Mars
Killing Fields

Foxhole Terrain
Dicey Ventures
Custom Kingdoms