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Alex Chaves- Dwarfs
Chris Fisher- Basilea
Dwarfs- Jeff Traish
LoR w/ Abyssals- Tom Robinson
Empire of Dust- Dustin Howard
Salamanders- Jeff Daniels
Goblins- Jeff Oneal

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Robby King- Goblins
Austin Carrigan- Nightstalkers


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Battle Reports- War Kings of Cape Cod

Battle Reports

Here you will find battle reports by TOO as well as links to the many great battle reppers in the Kings of War community (who you should all be following).  If you don't see you favorite battle reporter linked let us know so we can add them to the list!  We also take submissions if you feel like just sharing your reports on TOO!

Kings of Battle Reporting

Master Crafted

Ultimate Power Gamer

Holy Diver

Mighty Fishbat

Rough Riders Wargaming

A Tale of Some Gamer

Andrew Gale's channel

Scott Birkett's channel

Vega The Destroyer

Andy 2d6

Micky Ward's Channel

11th Legion

Briohmar Blog


Andrew Heinrich's channel

Path of an Outcast

Gaming With Rhuell

Krudger Borokk

Giant Dwarf's Channel

Kasual 1414

Plastic Space Barbies

TOO Battle Reports

Elves Vs Orcs 1500 pts International Campaign Day